5 AXIS series

The NewCNC 5 Axis machine is the ultimate for your most complicated machining. It is designed to machine five faces of your workpiece as well as surface normal 3D machining for even your most complex modeling. It is available in single and twin table configurations. The table(s) include a modular fixturing system, incorporating both mechanical and vacuum clamping. This duo simplifies your work holding strategies. It uses a 16hp high-speed HSK63 spindle with a 20 tool automatic tool changer. The OSAI control includes an easy to use operator interface, high-speed machining functions, auto tool measurement and electronic handwheel (MPG).
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Table 4′ x 4′ x 2
Table Type Configurable
Spindle 16 HP, HSK63
Tool Changer 20 tool auto tool changer
Vacuum Pump 2 x 7.5 HP Rotary Vane
Controller OSAI
Footprint Depends on custom size
Weight 12,000 LBS