AL/UL CNC Routers

The Auto Load and Unload machine is designed for maximum productivity with minimum labor. Sheets are loaded into the machine via lift table. Panels are then barcoded, and feed into the CNC router automatically. The vacuum table secures parts during the routing and boring process. Finished parts are then moved from the router table to the outfeed table where the operators can stack parts. A vacuum system cleans the dust for the table in preparation for the next cycle. Available in 5 x 12 table size with boring head and automatic tool changer.
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Custom Routers

Table Optional
Table Type Configurable
Spindle 12.6 - 22 HP HSK 63
Tool Changer Configurable up to 26 tools
Boring Head Optional 9-spindle
Vacuum Pump (2) x 10 HP, 250 cubic meter
Controller OSAI
Servo Amplifiers Yaskawa
Axes Motion Ballscrew, helical rack & pinion
Part Location Configurable
Options C-axis, rotary axis, aggregates
Options Rotary axis, Z axis clearance