Pod & Rail CNC Routers

The NewCNC pod and rail machine (point to point) is well suited for both cabinet and architectural millwork processing. Easily position your vacuum pods and rails for a wide variety or fixture options. Machines feature a (20) spindle drill block with (12) vertical drills and (8) horizontal drills. The optional C-axis increases the versatility of the machine. YASKAWA brand servo motors and amplifiers and an OSAI control make this a reliable performer. Speeds of 50 m/min on X and Y axes and 20 m/min on the Z-axis.
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Table 2500 x 900 MM
Rapid Speed X axis 50m/min
Rapid Speed Y axis 50m/min
Rapid Speed Z axis 20m/min
Spindle 10 HP, 18000 RPM
Boring Unit 12 horiz, 8 vertical
Vacuum Pump 10 HP rotary vane
Gear Helical Rack and Pinion X and Y, ballscrew Z axis
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Custom Routers

Table Optional
Table Type Configurable
Spindle 12.6 - 22 HP HSK 63
Tool Changer Configurable up to 26 tools
Boring Head Optional 9-spindle
Vacuum Pump (2) x 10 HP, 250 cubic meter
Controller OSAI
Servo Amplifiers Yaskawa
Axes Motion Ballscrew, helical rack & pinion
Part Location Configurable
Options C-axis, rotary axis, aggregates
Options Rotary axis, Z axis clearance