SHARP series

The SHARP Series 2 machine is a fast and precise, three axis, moving bridge-style machine. It is possible to configure this machine with up to three spindles. In effect, it operates like an auto tool changer machine, but by changing spindles rather than changing tools. Built with a welded tubular steel machine base and bridge, and designed to maintain squareness and perpendicularity without the need for periodic corrections. It has a high-quality helical rack and pinion system, with the gantry driven from each side utilizing Yaskawa servos. The 7.5hp rotary vane vacuum pump securely clamps work material to the multi-zoned table. The OSAI industrial controller supports the closed loop positioning of the machine and includes functions like tool radius and length compensation. On the fly override for machine feed and spindle speed make it easy to optimize cutting. This machine is ideal for smaller shops because the footprint is only slightly bigger than the work size of the machine.
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Table 51″ x 98″
Table Type 2 Zone Vacuum
Spindle Single or triple 8HP
Vacuum Pump 7.5 HP Rotary Vane
Controller OSAI
Servo Amplifiers Yaskawa
Axes Motion Ballscrew, helical rack & pinion
Footprint 125″ x 93″ x 88″
Weight 4500 LBS
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