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Automatic Load & Unload CNC Routers

Automatic Load and Unload CNC Machine

New CNC’s Talent T3 and Accel 3 CNC Routers are designed to fit any growing shop. With sizable automatic load and unload upgrades, these routers can be equipped to adequately meet the needs of any style production environment. The Auto Load and Unload attachments are plug & play and designed for maximum productivity with minimum labor.

Automatic Lift Table

With the Automatic Scissor-Lift Table, sheets of material are loaded onto the CNC Router. Panels are then feed into the router for processing. The table automatically aligns with the router based on how many sheets of material are present. With each sheet of material that passes through the router, the table lifts to match that height.

Automatic Unload Table

After the CNC router has completed the program cycle, finished parts are moved from the router table to the out-feed table. Clean-Sweep Technology is enabled, clearing the table of any debris and setting the router up for the next sheet. The finished parts are automatically moved to the offload table via a conveyor belt. This is where the machine operators can label, stack, and clear the processed parts.

Configurable Table Sizes

The Automatic Lift and Unload tables are available in a variety of sizes to best suit your needs. The sizes are mirrored to fit the size of any CNC router.

The Automatic Lift and Unload tables are plug & play and are available to add-on any time after purchase, to accommodate your shop’s expansion. The Talent T3 and Accel 3 CNC Routers are affordable, high-performance solutions to any growing shop.