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Helping You Engineer

Business Success

Collectively, our team has over 130 years of experience designing, building and operating CNC machining and other automated production machines. Through the years, we’ve seen changes in hardware technology, development of new workable materials, and advancements in customizable software. We’ve continued to evolve right along with it to ensure we’re offering the best combinations of each element to help you do your very best work.



We Engineer Solutions

Around Your Goals

Whether you’re a larger production facility or a smaller shop, your conversation with us will probably start with what you’re working on. That is simply because the spirit of what we do lays in the heart of what you do. So the better we understand your goals, the more we can make an impact on getting you there.




World Class Quality

Personal Expertise

Everyone on our team, from our owners to the people helping to sweep the sawdust off the floors, are knowledgeable in the machines we engineer for you. Most of us are craftsmen and woodworkers ourselves. Moreover, we are all readily available to answer any questions you might have. It is the goal of each and every one of us to help you get the most out of your production process through our machines, software and support. In this way, we hope to become more than a provider of automated production machines, but a partner in engineering your competitive edge.