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Boring Machines

6-Sided Boring Machine

Overview: 6-Sided Boring Machine

The 6-Sided Boring CNC Machine brings automated manufacturing to another level. Using cutting edge CNC controls and programming, the machine bores holes on the top, bottom, and four edges of material. Routers are mounted on top & bottom, giving this machine panel-processing capabilities that require 2-sided operation. Built with the best components, the 6-Sided Boring Machine generates a consistent, reliable, and pace-setting production environment.

  • Fully automated material fixturing
  • Delta servo motors
  • 32 mm on-center drill blocks

Specifications: 6-Sided Boring Machine

  • Independently selectable top boring head featuring (2) sets of (12) vertical and (6) horizontal drills for a total of (24) vertical and (12) horizontals
  • Bottom boring block features (9) independently controlled vertical drills
  • Top routing spindle is 5 horsepower, 18,000 RPM
  • Bottom routing spindle is 5 horsepower, 18,000 RPM
  • Servo controller panel grippers position and move the parts
  • Side alignment devise insures proper squaring
  • Powered off load conveyor allows finished parts to move on to any additional process
  • Automatic lubrication system to all bearings ensure ease of maintenance
  • On-board CNC programming through the CNC control
  • Minimum panel size: 200 MM x 50 MM
  • Maximum panel size: 2,500 MM x 1,200 MM

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Horizontal Boring Machine

Overview: Horizontal Boring Machine

The New CNC Horizontal Boring Machine is geared towards companies using dowel construction. The machine is easily programmed with on-board CAD/CAM software. 3-zone clamping and load/unload functions are enabled, maximizing throughput.

  • Single steel weldment
  • Spindle carriage assembly houses the main drilling
  • CNC machined
  • X,Y, & Z movement utilizes linear bearings with centralized lubrication

Specifications: Horizontal Boring Machine

Working Range:
Min. panel capacity – 2″ x 2″
Max. panel capacity – 39″ x 96″
Max. cut depth – 1.375″

Drill Motor Power:
2.2 kw, 5 hp, 12,000 rpm

Travel Speed:
3,150 ipm

Power Supply:
230 volt, 3-phase, 12 amps, 60 hz

980 kg (2,127 lbs)

Overall Dimensions (L x W x H):
110″ x 74″ x 52″)

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