We believe that your craftsmanship should be enhanced by technology, not hindered by it.

What Our Customers Are Saying!

Randy Spykerman - RekMakker Millwork Inc

We purchased from New CNC about 4 years ago, we started looking at them and heard about them through word of mouth. We knew the family from the community. We purchased the Talent 510 from them. The purchasing process was easy, especially since they directed us to a 3rd party financing company. We selected New CNC because we liked their product and the team was helpful and nice. We also went to training Lee H led that and he did a nice job making us comfortable utilizing the equipment. We would work with them again in the future.

Brendan Mathews

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sending Grant out to manage our training on the new CNC and Edgebander we have purchased form your company. Grant was patient, well informed and thorough throughout the training session and we all enjoyed his pleasant demeanor. I hope that he was able to feel the same level of satisfaction that we all experienced as we get up to speed with the new machinery and technology. 

From the beginning of our purchase process, I felt we needed to establish a connection with a vendor that would be both willing and able to support us in all of our varied needs. Your company has proved to be worthy of our trust and business and we look forward to collaborating with you as we introduce this technology to our students. I am happy to say that my own trust in your company has been validated and I feel that all of our future interactions will only reinforce this trust.

Scott Gordon - Pease Plastics

We're an acrylic fabricator that's new to CNC, and we decided to purchase a Smart ER 510 Series II with the lathe option. We've had it for about 3 months now, and couldn't be happier. We considered dozens of competitors' machines, all of which cost more but didn't offer the features that the New CNC machine had and that we considered most important - a 5' x 10' bed size, a very large Z capacity, and the availability of a rotary axis.

I first met New CNC's Doug Huizenga at a trade show more than a year before we purchased. He wasn't like his competitors. He didn't "sell" and he didn't bash the competition. What he did do was answer all of the many questions that I had, and convince me that I'd be able to do everything that I wanted to with the Smart ER 510 Series II and more. Being new to CNC, I didn't know much about software, tooling, fixturing, feeds and speeds, and so on. He assured me that his team would "hold my hand" through every bit of bringing the machine into our arsenal. It's been 3 months since we took delivery, and they've followed through exactly as promised. I couldn't be happier.

Pete Eisinger - Sawdust Santas

I love that the Talent 4' x 8' high quality CNC router I purchased from you came complete with an 8 tool automatic Tool Changer for a price that works for my small shop.  

Your staff conducted a very thorough hands-on training experience on my actual machine just prior to me taking delivery and customer service has been very responsive and helpful.  

Our Sawdust Santas wooden toy & gift charity has really expanded our offerings and our quality has increased tremendously because of the quality parts produced on the machine.

In addition to expanding the charity I have since started Elf Wood Innovations which is a business that continues to grow to help support my family and the Sawdust Santas.

Thanks for everything!

Rex Filion - Carolina Custom Cabinets

In the Fall of 2016 we purchased a Smart ER 510 CNC Router from NEWCNC.  The machine has proven to be a very robust, well built machine that has performed extremely well for us.  It was delivered on-time and their installation and training was first rate. We were up and running parts in no time and had only a few minor issues that were quickly resolved. I highly recommend you take a look at their offerings if you are considering a purchase.

Dale Luebbert - Polynomial

With the help of New CNC we have gone from complete novices to being able to run our machine in an efficient way resulting in higher profitability. Whenever we need help troubleshooting a problem they are just a phone call away. Our last issue was quite complex and the folks with New CNC offered great support and patience until the issues were resolved and we were back to making money. There are many quality CNC machines in the marketplace but training and support were primary considerations for us. New CNC's support after the sale is top notch!

Steve Custance - Custance Brothers Woodworking

We bought our first CNC machine from NewCNC back in 2011. At that time we didn’t know anything about CNC’s, so we made our decision based on cost. The training was excellent and we chose to do our own installation. The service that NewCNC has provided us over the years has been outstanding. No question was ever too trivial. Last year we decided to update our machine to the newer technology and features such as our lathe attachment.

We called our friends at NewCNC and updated our CNC and also added a new Edgebander. And once again, the training was excellent and they were there every step of the way thru installation of my TWO new machines.

If you are in the market for new equipment, please consider calling NewCNC. I’m glad that we found them back in 2011, and I think you will be to!

MAK Studio

We are a young start-up design studio in Houston, TX. Our New CNC router is integral to the fabrication side of our business. The high-quality equipment, hands-on training, and personal customer support have been invaluable to the success of our studio.

Brent McGuffey - The Wood Butcher, Inc

We purchased our New CNC router almost 2 years ago and it seems as if we have been running this machine for ten years.  This is the easiest router to operate and maintain.  I could not be happier with the performance, low maintenance and user friendliness.  We learned the operation of this machine extremely quickly and it has completely changed the way we get things done.

We went to the 2014 IWF show in Atlanta to look at all the routers on the market, and we truly did walk all day looking at every machine at the show.  We made the decision to purchase the New CNC because this was the best machine for our needs and limitations.  The New CNC is the best possible machine that anyone could buy in the lower price ranges of CNC routers.  The machine we bought has far superior parts and components than any other in this price range.  The gantry is the most sturdy, being made of heavy duty steel versus aluminum like some of the others.  The entire unit is made of heavy gauge steel providing an incredibly stable platform.  This is also one of the only units with a ride along tool carousel to make tool changing much quicker.  We also needed a fully functional 5 x 10 table that would fit in a limited space and the New CNC provided that.  The reliability of the machine has been great.  In the last 2 years we have experienced only minor issues with the machine that could be easy fixed to get us back up and running.  In 2 years we have only been out of operation for a couple of hours at the most.  That is saying a lot being that we run between 30 and 60 sheets a day on this one machine.  I have only needed 2 minor parts for the machine and they were shipped to me quickly at no charge and with no fuss.  They are happy to help and assist with any issues.

We could not have purchased an easier machine to operate.  I use Cabinet vision software to run all of the cabinet parts on the New CNC and the integration went perfectly.  When we first purchased the router New CNC sent a rep to our facility to handle all the details.  This is a great feature of New CNC to have an actual person fly hundreds of miles to help with training and set up.  The rep stayed with us for four days to ensure we had all the training and knowledge necessary to utilize the router to its fullest.  He took the time to train as many people as necessary to operate the machine at the console and as much time as needed to integrate curtain aspects from the software.  In the 2 years we have been running the New CNC we have never had to call and ask a question about operation. 

Since we purchased the New CNC router we have completely changed the way we do things.  Cabinets go together with blind dados now and there is no way they can be constructed incorrectly.  All the construction holes are already in the parts so we save time predrilling.  We do radius countertops and desk that are as easy as straight ones.  We have resigned parts and configurations that we were not able to do before to make things work better and go together much more accurately.   I have since purchased a laser device to scan radius walls to make the whole process much simpler.  Now there is no need for templating or checking the fit because of the seamless integration from the laser to the software to the router and it fits perfectly every time.  I cannot explain the way this machine has changed our business, we are faster and more accurate with far less mistakes in construction.  As a bonus we get to create all types of artist designs and signs.  The New CNC will literally cut anything you can draw.  We have created some amazing things on this router.  I cannot image having such a positive experience with any other router.  I know this because I have had a dozen calls from people looking to buy a new router or their first router.  I have talked with people about their experience with existing machines and I could not have been prouder to explain my experience with the New CNC.